TOPICS: Batman chases demons out of resident’s vents

SCREECH: Microbat. Picture: Justin McManusWHEN an elderly lady in Stroud kept waking up to demons in the night – at least they seemed like demons, flying and screeching and the like – Geoff Delooze got a call.

Geoff’s an animal catcher. You might remember him from last year, when media outlets went crazy about the giant red belly black snake he caught in Cameron Park. The story went viral. But back to the bat lady. She wasn’t mad, Geoff assured her. There was something in her vents.

‘‘With all the lights coming on to attract insects and the vents, it was like a little cave for them,’’ he says.

They were a colony of bent-wing microbats. Geoff and his colleague Bernie Marmulla deal with the tiny insect-eating species about once a year. For animal catchers, being called out to a microbat job is much cooler than a fruitbat job, and a nice change from snakes.

‘‘They’ve got a massive range,’’ says Geoff of the bats.

‘‘These ones are a good chance of flying back to where they came from.’’

Even if that happens, though, the lady’s vents are now sealed off. Geoff and Bernie were last night releasing the bats over Glenrock State Conservation Area, where it’s hoped they’ll find a new home.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video NICKLE’S WORTH: Nickelback will return to Newcastle in May.

THOSE who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, which could explain how Nickelback are playing in Newcastle again.

The band’s No Fixed Address tour in May won’t be the first time the sound of hell opening up has filled Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

Nor will it be our second visit from the band whose music evokes a furniture ad. Who inspired a campaign called ‘‘Dontletnickelback’’. Who lost an online popularity contest to a pickle. It will actually be our third.

‘‘The band’s worldwide album sales exceed 50million, solidifying their status as the second best-selling foreign act of the 21st century in the US behind only the Beatles,’’ warns the press kit, like an intelligence briefing.

To steel us for Nickelback’s third coming, we’ll give you a taste of their lyrics each week. Call it Nickelback Saturday. Ready?

‘‘And we’ll hide out in the private rooms/With the latest dictionary and today’s who’s who/

They’ll get you anything with that evil smile/Everybody’s got a drug dealer on speed dial.’’

Now you know what you’re dealing with, May might be a good month to get out of town.

WORD of the week: ‘‘Disgruntled’’, from Bob Ingle of Karuah.

‘‘I am disgruntled at the performance of the Liberal government and Tony Abbott in particular and am not happy with the federal ALP either,’’ says Bob.

‘‘I would like to be gruntled again.’’

Promotion of the week: Sanbah Surf Shop, ‘‘Sharksale’’.

Tweet of the week: ‘‘Nothing to see here, folks’’ tweet of the week, during yesterday’s leadership spill announcement: Liberal MP Bob Baldwin posts a photo of himself presenting Marine Rescue Lemon Tree Passage’s Greg Stuchley with a medal for 15 years’ service.

BUSINESS AS USUAL: Bob Baldwin presents Greg Stuchley with a well deserved award.

Headline of the week: From the Air Force Association Advocate: ‘‘Former RAAF nursing officer speaks about missionary position in PNG’’.

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