HUNTER HEALTH KICK: Couple kick on

CHANGED: Carmel Loughland and Michael Daley. Picture: Dean OslandA YEAR after they began the Hunter Health Kick that helped them shed a combined total of nearly 40 kilograms, Michael Daley and Carmel Loughland are ready to roll again.

The 10-week campaign is a familiar adventure for the pair after the 2014 edition began a year of new ones and an entirely new lifestyle for the Georgetown couple.

Mr Daley, who estimates he has lost about 17 kilograms in the past year, said the Newcastle Herald campaign delivered a guide on how to become healthier at the moment he and his wife decided to make a change.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video‘‘It came along at a perfect time for us, and we were looking for something,’’ he said.

‘‘We’ve changed our life basically in the last year.’’

Dr Loughland said the past 12 months had been a matter of sticking to the habits formed through the Hunter Health Kick, including regularly pounding the pavement in the free Newcastle Parkrun on Saturday mornings.

But the fortitude to stay strong enough to shed about 22 kilograms came from a simple mental change to looking at things positively, she said.

‘‘We always ate well I think but in the past we’d always be looking at what to cut,’’ Dr Loughland said.

‘‘The change for us was really about what we could introduce, what we could have instead of what we had to take away, so it wasn’t about deprivation.’’

Dr Loughland said while she occasionally has a ‘‘a be kind to Carmel day’’ when she can’t face her regime, the trick is in getting back into it after a rejuvenating rest.

She said wearing her Hunter Health Kick gear on the track also helped, often turning strangers she passed into a support network cheering her on.

‘‘I don’t know those people [I see when running] but I had their back and they had mine,’’ she said.

‘‘I feel like a new person, it’s given me a lot more confidence and I feel happier in my own skin.’’

While both plan to lose more weight, Mr Daley said exercising more and eating ‘‘cleaner and greener’’ had helped them enjoy more aspects of their lives.

‘‘Once you start doing it, you meet other people who are doing it and they become a new circle of friends,’’ Mr Daley said.

‘‘Definitely give it a go, put your heart and soul into it and you will reap the benefits.’’

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